Top 8 Best Sleeper QBs | Madden 22 User/Simulation

September 13, 2021
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Top 8 Best Sleeper QBs | Madden 22 User/Simulation

September 13, 2021
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We are going to break down the top 8 best Sleeper QBs to get in Madden 22 for both user-play and simulation. Do not let their overall fool you as that is not what truly matters.

The following QBs are a cheap alternative that will give you a chance at success for a 10th of the price of a well-known QB like Patrick Mahomes.

All QBs on this list were tested in franchises on simulation and user-play.

Remember that these QBs are not great and they do lack one thing or another. However, some of the QBs on this list are better than we would have guessed and all of them are easy to get.

Let’s dive into this, shall we?


If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

#8 Daniel Jones | 72 Overall | Giants (User and Simulation)

Daniel Jones Madden 22

It’s Danny Dimes… No, it’s Danny Stumbles… Nope, it’s Danny McTrippy… Wait, it’s Daniel Jones. He’s so fast his legs give out.

You can use Jones for simulation no problem, but he is the best user-play QB on this list. If you prefer user-play over simulation then this is the QB for you.

He’s a tough QB both in real life and in Madden. He has taken on some big hits at Duke and this carried on to the NFL as well.

However, he is oblivious in the pocket, which Madden has gotten right. Nonetheless, you can get him up to a 90+ overall since he is still pretty young.

Another key thing to keep in mind is that he is super easy to trade for.

Daniel Jones Key Attributes for User-Play

His throw power is at an 87 overall, which is great throw power to get the ball down the field. On top of that, his deep, medium, and short throwing accuracy are all well within the range of him being successful when you user-play with him.

He has great speed at an 88 overall and if you turn the speed threshold down to zero you can really capitalize on his speed. It also makes the game more realistic.

Finally, his injury is at an 89 overall, which is great! It is important to make sure one of your key players is not injury-prone.

Daniel Jones Key Attributes for Simulation

He does have a high oblivious sense of pressure, but if you can get past that then you will find that he could win you some Super Bowls.

If you do simulate with Jones, make sure he has a good offensive line and receivers for a better chance to win simulation games.

With that being said, if you put him on a sleeper team, it will be difficult for you to pull through wins in your simulation.

#7 Drew Lock | 70 Overall | Broncos (User and Simulation)

Drew Lock Madden 22

Drew Lock is young at 24 years old and since he just got benched for Teddy Bridgewater it made him even cheaper trading for him.

He can be good in simulation, however, he is a better option for user-play.

So we would recommend user-play instead of simulating with Lock unless you have a solid team around him.

Drew Lock’s Key Takeaways

Great throw power at an 89 overall but his deep accuracy is a 79 overall, which isn’t too terrible but it’s not great either.

His short and medium throw accuracy is reliable and his toughness is phenomenal (and accurate).

Overall, Drew Lock is a great sleeper QB to pick up because he is cheap when trading for him and he can get the job done.

Drew Lock’s Downsides

To play him in a simulated franchise league you would need a good team around him to see the success.

Yes, he is a 70 overall and yes there are QBs on this list who are much better than Lock at simulation even though their overall is over a 10 point difference.

#6 Jordan Love | 68 Overall | Packers (User and Simulation)

Jordan Love Madden 22

Jordan Love is a 68 overall, 1-year pro, 24-year-old sleeper QB with a Star Development. It doesn’t quite sound like a sleeper QB with that development but he is.

Love is also easier to trade for, so you can acquire him if you are in a pinch if you like what you see.

Jordan Love’s Key Takeaways

If you user-play with him you will have very few issues with throwing the ball around the field. He has a 90 throw power and a balanced throw accuracy across the board.

A key thing to note is that his awareness is very low at 61 overall. This is when you know he is a good QB when they start docking a player’s awareness.

This means EA has increased his other attributes, which is great news and, honestly, a steal. Awareness is one of the easiest traits to increase and it will have a huge impact on the overall of the player.

Jordan Love’s Downsides

He is a little worse in simulation but he will be better than Jones or Lock. Love will need a decent team around him when using him in simulation, otherwise, it will be a little bit of a struggle for you.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with this pickup.

#5 Kellen Mond | 67 Overall | Vikings (User and Simulation)

Kellen Mond Madden 22

Kellen Mond is great at user play AND simulation.

This is a QB we really like and would recommend for anyone out there. He’s young and talented and you can turn him into an even deadlier dual-threat QB than he already is.

Kellen Mond’s Key Takeaways

Mond has a few things that really stand out to us. First, it’s his throw power at an 88 overall. He can sling the ball down the field with no problem.

His short-throw accuracy is at an 87 overall, which is great. You will see little to no issues with that throwing power mixed with the medium throw accuracy.

Another thing is his speed and agility. This makes him a great dual-threat QB. He not only has a strong arm but he can run when he needs to.

Mond has great injury, stamina, and toughness, which is what you want to see in a franchise QB.

He is aggressive when throwing passes, which is a good trait to have. He may throw interceptions here and there but when you get him calmed down it will be beneficial.

Kellen Mond’s Downsides

He does not have great medium and deep throw accuracy at 70 overall and 73 overall, but that can be improved especially since he is only 22 years old.

You should work on his improviser. It would be best suited to get him away from being a pure scrambler.

#4 Jamie Newman | 60 Overall Free Agent (User and Simulation)

Jamie Newman Madden 22

Yes, Newman barely made it onto our list but there are things we noticed that really stood out.

A 60 overall QB is definitely not someone you would go looking for unless you dive deep into a player’s attributes.

His 86 Throw Power is the reason he barely made the cut. When you get below an 86 throw power you start to see struggles with the performance of the QB. This can be improved but a general rule of thumb is you do not want to get below an 86 overall.

Jamie Newman’s Key Takeaways

He has two great traits: Aggressive Forcing Passes and throws a Tight Spiral. He will be able to make amazing throws and clutch when you need him to.

His stamina and injury are great. He will be a QB you will not have to worry about taking a breather or getting injured very easily.

Jamie Newman’s Downsides

If you plan on simulating with him there is a frustrating trait you are going to have to deal with. That is his Oblivious Sense of Pressure. If you are user-playing with him then obviously this trait does not matter.

That trait makes him vulnerable to getting sacked time and time again and it can be frustrating especially if you decide to watch him play live.

His speed isn’t great but he will get you first downs. Do not expect him to run 60 yards for a touchdown.

#3 Feleipe Franks | 59 Overall | Falcons (User and Simulation)

Feleipe Franks Madden 22

Is he really a 59 overall? Yes, yes he is. What is he doing on this list? Well, you are bout to find out.

If you would like to jump to the video of his performance then click – How Franks Performed in Simulation.

This is a QB that performs well in either simulation or user play. Just keep in mind that if you simulate with Franks you will need a good team around him.

As you can see in the video below, he performs very well when he has the players around him.

Feleipe Franks Key Takeaways

You can acquire Franks for next to nothing. You are going to be acquiring a franchise potential QB for cheap.

He is a rookie and you can jump him up 10 points on average per season especially in the right system. If you have not checked out our Best Playbooks and Schemes for Simulation in Madden 22 then you need to check that out.

He can fit into any archetype you want him to fit into. He is balanced among his listed archetypes, Scrambler, Field General, and Improviser.

He has a 90 throw power. That’s right, a 90 throw power. Once you get his accuracy stats up he will have no problem getting the ball down the field.

He also has great injury and stamina. This is great news especially for someone who user plays with Franks. Franks will be tough to tire out.

Another thing we see is his awareness. It is very low at a 55 overall. As we have explained before, awareness increases a player’s overall exponentially as well as makes a player more expensive and it is super easy to increase.

EA drops the awareness down and feeds the other overalls, so this is a plus.

Feleipe Franks Downsides

His short, medium, and deep throw accuracy needs work. You will struggle at times but give it time and he will impress.

The Throw-Away trait is not something we are a fan of but it is definitely not a game-breaker.

Another trait we are not a fan of is his Ideal Forcing Passes. We would rather see Aggressive Forcing Passes but, again, this is not a deal-breaker as Ideal Forcing Passes is the next best thing.

Overall, if you are on a really good team then he will break records. He is a QB you should be considering as your next QB.

Video: How Franks Performed in Simulation

#2 Tyler Huntley | 58 Overall | Ravens (User and Simulation)

Tyler Huntley Madden 22

Tyler Huntley, a 23-year old 1-year pro with a normal development QB. His overall is low but I am sure by now you know why.

Tyler Huntley’s Key Takeaways

His trait, Ideal Sense of Pressure, is a steal because he will not freak out back in the pocket. This is perfect for users playing simulation with him. On top of that, he throws a Tight Spiral.

He has a 54 overall awareness, which is something you want to see. EA has boosted other aspects of his attributes while decreasing his awareness to decrease his overall. This makes him cheaper and less bloated with the awareness.

While his throw power (86 overall) is not the greatest, it will get to or above a 90 overall fairly quickly.

Tyler Huntley’s Downsides

His trait is Ideal Forcing Passes. We would rather see Aggressive Forcing Passes but this is the next best trait.

#1 Cole McDonald | 57 Overall Free Agent (User and Simulation)

Cole McDonald Madden 22

Cole Mcdonald had a farm. McDonald is 23 years old and he is a 57 overall QB… This sounds and looks really terrible.

However, when you break down his attributes you can see that his biggest downfall is his awareness rating. That is actually a good thing.

It is a good thing is because he is less expensive. His overall would be higher, which would not only make him more expensive, but it would also be harder to increase his overall.

It means that his overall is not inflated, to say the least. It is easy to get a player’s awareness up, so when you see a player with low awareness then check out his other attributes as they may be very beneficial.

Benefitting From McDonald’s Contract

You can sign McDonald to a cheap one-year deal at 950K. What is better than having a QB who can win you Super Bowls that you can sign for super cheap?

Nothing. Nothing is better. However, you need a good team around him in simulation otherwise he will not perform at his best. Start by getting him a couple of fast wide receivers. Speed kills.

If you are using him for user-play then it is all up to you. Still, adding a good team around you is always a bonus. Make sure to use our best schemes and playbooks for Madden 22.

McDonald’s Key Attributes

Just know that user-play with McDonald is to the moon.

He has an 88 Throw Power, which is great. You will have no problem getting the ball where it needs to go.

He will be able to get you first downs with his legs no problem with his great speed attributes.

McDonald’s injury, stamina, and toughness are well within the range of success. If he was injury-prone then that is something to worry about, however, that is not the case.

Cole McDonald is one of our go-to QBs and you can see why in the video below.

McDonald’s Downsides

His Deep Accuracy is a 72, Medium Accuracy is a 71, and Short Accuracy is a 76.

Some of those attributes are okay but he will perform great if you user-play with him. This is why we recommend adding a few fast wide receivers for him and use our schemes and playbooks. Also, he is young so you can increase his overall quickly.

Video: How McDonald Performs in Simulation

We hope this best sleeper QBs for Madden 22 article has helped you in deciding who to go after. If you have any questions or any sleepers you prefer then let us know in the comments below.

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