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We have been getting asked how to trade for players while in Player Mode more and more often. So now we are going to break down exactly how to trade for elite players while in Player Mode. There are two different ways to trade for players while in Player Mode. If one does not work for you the other one will.

First, you want to make sure that your “League Type” in your settings is set you “ALL”.

First Step: The first way and easiest way is to have is access to 2 different accounts along with online capabilities for both of these accounts. When you create a league make sure it is an online league. Then make sure that your main account is the one attached to your player that you will be playing with. The second account will be the one doing all the trading.

Once you choose the team that you want to play on you will then send your other account a league invitation. When you join your league with your second account make sure that you choose a coach or an owner so that you are able to make trades. If the second account is in Player Mode as well you will not be able to make trades.

After you have sent the invitation to your other account sign out of your main and sign in to your second accept the invite and start trading players to your main accounts team. If you want to continue this process to a greater degree you can trade the best players from one team to your player’s team. Then go to “Options” then “User Management” click on “Retire” then “Create a New Character”. Choose a new team and repeat the process.

Second Step: This step is for those who do not have access to two online accounts, only your one account. You also do not need to have online access, meaning you can do this in an offline franchise mode. First off you will need to know what team you are going to be on before you start this process. When you know the team that you want to play on you can now start the trading process. Do not create your player first then try and trade, it will not work.

Create a coach on a team that you want players from and start trading them to your future team. If you want to trade even more players retire, create a new coach on another team and repeat the process.

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