Trade Like a Pro in Madden 21 | Trading for Contracts

July 23, 2021
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Trade Like a Pro in Madden 21 | Trading for Contracts

July 23, 2021
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In this trading tips for Madden 21 article, we will show you how to trade like a pro in Madden 21 franchise mode. Trading for contracts in Madden 21 or any other Madden for that matter is imperative. It is a secret code that can save you millions while also adding major weapons to your team. The goal is to let others pay for your elite players while you keep your cap penalty low and your cap room high. To do this, you will need to invest in your draft currency and all other forms of trade currency.

Trade Currency:

Having a strong trade currency will give you the power to perfect this method. The goal is to have either a strong draft currency or multiple backup players dedicated for trading purposes. Backups who are signed to deals with no guaranteed money (signing bonus) so you will not take a cap hit if you trade them. Having a strong draft currency makes you the biggest shareholder and the one with the biggest voice.

Draft Currency:

Draft currency is the process of owning multiple draft picks intended for trade purposes only. The more draft currency you have to bargain with the better off you will be. It will allow you to influence and control how the draft goes to keep you in control of your league. This is the opposite of what we know and love with capitalism, this is a dictatorship. Unfortunately in Madden, you can, in essence, eliminate the free market aspect of the game, which is actually a little bit scary when you think about it. This is the only time we recommend this type of thinking obviously.

Without draft currency and or other forms of trade currency, your influence is weak at best. With a strong trade currency, you can make it harder for teams to excel by making trades to their direct competitors in their division or use this influence in other ways as well.

The Break Down:

We will be breaking down three player’s contracts to trade for that will not only give you an elite player but will also give you that player already signed to a phenomenal contract. There are many different players you can do this for and it is a method that you can do every single year no matter the Madden you are playing. This works for every single Madden

The first player is Ezekiel Elliott. Elliot has just been signed to a big contract. In Madden, the Cowboys have Elliott for 6 more years at $90.4 million with a $31.1 million signing bonus. The signing bonus is a big key factor here. A player’s signing bonus simply means guaranteed money that is owed by the team who signed the contract and that can never be changed. If they trade the player away or cut him they will have to cut Elliot a check for $31.1 million that will be paid over the course of the next few years.

Ezekiel Elliott is not that difficult to trade for not just because of his skill but because he is also coming to the table with an already signed contract that will be discounted after the trade. Once you make the trade you will also be free from owing him any guaranteed money so you will have the option of trading him away at any time without penalties.

To trade for Elliott all you need is a green interest FS, a green interest DT, and a draft pick or another pad on player.

Another player that shows how trading for contracts is something you should look to do is Julio Jones. Julio Jones is on his regression curve and it is not something that will stop. However, he is still very valuable and also very profitable to trade for. He is a player that you will be able to trade away before he retires and more than likely get at least a 2nd round pick if not a first-rounder.

The Falcons signed Jones to a very favorable contract that has 4 more years left with a massive $67 million signing bonus included in his $92 million total contract. This means that if you trade for him the Falcons will pay $67 million of his $92 million contract, leaving you a very elite player with no signing bonus and the possibility to trade him away before he retires.

Julio Jones is very easy to trade for as well so look to start with a yellow interest HB and fill in the gaps from there. Do not overpay for no reason.

The last player we want to talk about is Devin White. White is still in his rookie contract which is great news for you if you trade for him. He is easy to trade for and the Buccaneers owe him $27.3 million out of his $29.3 million contract.

There are two options on how to profit from this contract after you trade for him. The first is to ride it out and pay him very little money until his overall increases and his contract comes up. If this is the direction you decide to go just note that he will be very expensive in the future. Another option on how you can trade for contracts is to trade for Devin White then release him to the free agency. Then, pick him back up to sign him for a cheaper contract in the long run.

He is an 82 overall right now which may change in future updates depending on how he plays during this year. However, if you do not upgrade him until after you sign him to a long-term deal you will get him so much cheaper than you will 4 years from now.

We hope this has helped you out and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave us a comment below. Also, use our Players to Trade For list to help guide you with this method.


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