Trading for Contracts in Madden 22

August 29, 2021
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Trading for Contracts in Madden 22

August 29, 2021
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We are going to breaking down our Trading for Contracts Method or TFC method and how it will save you millions of dollars in your franchise in Madden 22. This works in many other Maddens as well so if you do not have Madden 22 do not worry.

The TFC method is a great way to save money for great players that you can use to sign other great players. This will work wonders in a single or multiple user league. We are going to be showing you how to take this step even further by trading for current 1-year pros and future auto-generated in later years.

Trading for Contracts works so well because of how Madden set up who pays the guaranteed bonus when a player is traded. Whichever team signed the player has to pay off the players remaining signing bonus. This goes for players on your team as well and it also includes if a player gets released to the free agency.

This means there is an exploit in the system that you can utilize for your own benefit. If you trade for a player with a decent-sized signing bonus with multiple years remaining on his contract then you will end up with a good player but without the cost.

For example, Joe Burrow is a 1-year pro and most high drafted rookies have a heavy guaranteed contract. This fits perfectly with our 1-year pro trading method. Because the player is not a rookie nor is he a high overall due to him only being in the league for a year the player tends to be easy to trade for.

Joe Burrows Contract

Joe Burrow has $28 million in guarantees left on his contract so if you trade for him the Bengals with have to pay that $28 million. This will give you Joe Burrow at an extremely low cost while also not locking you into anything. meaning you can trade him at any time and you will not take any penalty.

Joe Burrow $28 million Penalty

This is a very powerful trading method that is great when you can’t do our trading glitch and or are in a heavy user league. Sometimes you may even want to sweeten the deal just to get the trade to go through just due to how much you will save over time.

Trading for Jow Burrow is really easy and really cheap considering he was the 1st overall pick in last year’s draft. A decent RG, decent HB, and a 4th-round pick of next year will do the trick.

Joe Burrow Trade

What’s beautiful about the TFC method is that you will not owe the player any money and can trade him away at any time without taking a penalty. So if the player begins to regress you can trade him away to a team that shows high interest in him.

After you traded for Burrow you will see how much you are saving for the next 3 years. We will show both pictures below to show you the new difference between the contracts.

Joe burrow remaining Contract
Joe Burrows Contract

It goes from

$8.23 million in 2021

$9.87 million in 2022

$11.5 million in 2023

Then it goes to $500k each year after the trade is finalized.

You will be paying only $500k each year for the 1st overall draft pick of last year. Look at players with large or decently large signing bonuses so you can profit when trading for them. That $28 million you saved on Burrow can be used for another great player and $28 million is no small amount. And this is only for 1 player, imagine if you did this with 5 players. Your team overtime would be very dangerous and very cheap.

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