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Go for Overall:

Whether you are playing a challenge to see where you get ranked or if you are just playing against yourself overall is the biggest thing that you need to focus on. The higher your overall of your team, staff, and office. Strategy of course plays a part but overall still outweighs what style your coaches are in the long run. Eventually in time your team will be good enough for you to be able to more selective on what style your coaches use.

How to Get Ranked High in Challenge Mode:

The easiest way to get ranked in Challenge mode is to play on the Casual difficulty. The biggest problem is that you are playing against people can buy their way to the top of the list. the developers offer training points for real money that make it much more easy to win a lot of super bowls. So if you do not plan on spending real cash and still want to get ranked Casual mode will be your best chance to place high.

How to Increase Your Player’s Value in Pro Football GM:

Players values increase and decrease based upon your training facility level and coach/staff overall for the most part. Those are the two areas you want to increase in order to increase your player’s value. If you traded for a star player from a good team and your team is not good his overall and value will likely decrease immediately after the trade is accepted. The same goes for free agency, if a good team signs a good player his value will increase or stay the same. If a bad team picks him up a decrease to his overall and value should be expected.

When your training level and coaches/staff overalls increase you will notice your players value increase meaning you can get a lot more value for them in the trade game. The same goes for trading for good players on bad teams, if you trade for a good player on a bad team it is not out of the ordinary to see his overall and trade value increase right away.

How to Guys to Great Deals and How to Have Millions Extra to Spend:

When it comes to signing players, you will want to actually stop doing it for the most part. Once your team is good and your facilities are upgraded (especially your training facility) you will get top value out of decent players,

How to Get Unlimited Draft Picks in Pro Football GM:

Getting unlimited draft picks can be done in any difficulty. However, the difficulty you choose will depend on how quickly you can accomplish this goal. Casual Mode will be your fastest and easiest way to get unlimited draft picks.

Casual – Beginner Mode:

In Casual it is extremely easy to make your team amazing during the first season in the first draft. Draft pick values range from the 16k range at the high and to the double digits at the lowest. This leaves a major area on which you can capitalize. The system is basically giving you draft picks and players if you will let them.

How to Upgrade Your Training Facility in Pro Football GM:

The Training Facility are by far the most important facility that you can upgrade. It should be your first facility that you focus on. Within 2 years time you will want to be at level 3 on your Training Facility. In Casual mode you can upgrade to level 3 right away, in the harder difficulties it will take you a few years like we mentioned before.

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