University Empire Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

August 31, 2021
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University Empire Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

August 31, 2021
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In this article, we are going to go cover a complete University Empire Tycoon guide. This includes University Empire Tycoon Best Schedule, University Empire Tycoon How to Win Competitions, University Empire Tycoon How to Get More Builders, and much more.

If you have played other Idle Games by Codigames, such as Idle Barber Shop Tycoon Tips (our guide) and Idle Theme Park Tycoon (our guide), you realize this is a newer style by them.

It is an idle game that you will be playing for weeks, longer than the normal 3-4 hours. University Empire Tycoon is one of the better idles Codigames has produced.

However, eventually, you will only be able to play once or twice a day instead of continuously play. This is because of the time it takes to upgrade or build your facilities along with the research you’re researching. Only one at a time? Well, that’s a bit much… Unless I buy more builders.

The developers who created Cell to Singularity have realized that people are more reluctant to spend their own money on video games. They have done well in balancing the gameplay to watching ads ratio and it is something other developers should follow.

This is a true letdown since you get into a pay-to-expand situation. What I mean by that is it costs gems to complete your upgrades/builds and gems cost real money.

University Empire Tycoon: Increase Motivation

Student motivation is something that really doesn’t matter. You can read all about it in the Student Fatigue section. It will temporarily decrease profits but not by much at all. You will easily gain this back the following school day and those students will be a distant memory.

University Empire Tycoon: Student Fatigue

Student fatigue is huge. Well, you would think it was right? However, that is not the case at all. We have been playing University Empire Tycoon for a month and there has been no significance whatsoever.

We have run tests on whether or not Student Fatigue has anything to do with profits, student capacity, or anything else. The setting that sets the Student Fatigue is the Course difficulty.

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First, we set the Course difficulty to 0%. Doing so did not affect the profits or anything else. We then set the Course difficulty to 100% and it did not affect the profits or anything else.

That being said, decreasing the Course difficulty did have some serious negative effects. For example, the knowledge of the students decreased exponentially when set at 50% compared to 100%. You can read more about this in the How to Win Competitions section below.

You may think that by doing this you risk a higher dropout rate due to a lack of motivation… Well, this is true. Students will come and go. You will have four students drop out in one day because they cannot hack it. Those are the students you do not want.

However, you will gain them all back again the next day. Your funds will decrease but you will gain it back. You can easily make up for it with the competitions, Temporary Multiplier, and watching ads for the Cash Grant. It is a win-win situation.

Which is better, always having your college at full capacity without risking losing a few hundred dollars in profit or making it up by winning tens of thousands of dollars in competitions?

If you are seriously worried about your student’s fatigue, simply upgrade the Gardens, Gym, and Cafeteria. We can assure you, everything will work out in your favor.

Most tips out there will tell you the exact opposite. However, do not listen to it and max out your Course Difficulty. You will be fine. We have had this for days without any issues. In fact, we will make more money than those who decrease the difficulty.

Our test has concluded that you should, right out of the gate, increase the Course difficulty to 100% and keep it there. As you now know, you will not lose out on any profits as well as decrease the student capacity at your college.

University Empire Tycoon: How to Win Competitions:

This University Empire Tycoon competitions guide goes hand in hand with the Student Fatigue tip listed above. The main thing you need to know is that your student’s knowledge in the particular competition challenge is key to getting a higher score.

So how do you increase your student’s knowledge? Well, one way to do it is by upgrading your buildings and classrooms; doing so will increase the Learning Limit. This is very tiny in comparison to the following method… Increase your Course difficulty to 100%.

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As you can see in our Student Fatigue test in the Student Fatigue tip above, this will increase your student’s knowledge exponentially without sacrificing anything in return. You will see your student’s knowledge increase.

For example, if you set the Course difficulty at 50%, the knowledge will be around 30. If you then set the difficulty to 100%, you will see 110+ knowledge.

The conclusion: set the Course difficulty to 100% and you will win more competitions no doubt!

University Empire Tycoon: How to Increase Profits

Increasing your profits will come so be patient. There are many different factors that come into play when trying to increase your profits. We will cover them all here.

Upgrade your buildings. The more buildings you upgrade, the more gains you will see. The reason being is you will increase your capacity. More students = more money.

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Upgrade the classrooms and bathrooms. The more classrooms and bathrooms you upgrade within the building, such as the Art building, the more gains you will see.

Research. There is a whole section dedicated to helping you increase your profits – “Economy”. The further along you get in “Safety Deposit Boxes”, the more research you will unlock.

Build more. The more buildings you have, the more students will come to your university. The result: increase in profits.

Temporary Multiplier. You will want to activate this to earn 50% more profits.

NOTE: There is no point to use gems to speed up the process when you have little to no money to commit to further upgrades. Instead, just wait until you make enough money to upgrade what is needed. This will decrease the number of gems you will need to finish the build.

University Empire Tycoon Hiring Guide

The most important thing to do is hire a professor that belongs to the same category they are strongest in. For example, if you are looking for a professor to teach math, then you need to match the insignia located in the pop-up when clicking on the building.

The math insignia is shown in the image below:

Do this with all of your buildings and you will get the most out of your students.

The professors you see to hire will refresh every so often. You can manually refresh the list by watching an ad but you only get to do that five times.

Just match the insignia for the category of the class with that of the professor’s and you will be good. If you cannot match them then just hire the best for the job until you can find a better professor.

University Empire Tycoon Cheats

There are no cheats for University Empire Tycoon. However, there may be apk files you can install. We will not recommend doing this as it may harm your device or, even worse, allow a hacker to get information about your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

University Empire Tycoon How to Get More Builders?

You need to click on the hammer icon located in the top left and purchase them.

University Empire Tycoon How to Get Students?

Build more facilities, upgrade your buildings, and upgrade your classrooms.

University Empire Tycoon: Best Schedule?

There is no “best schedule”. You can edit the timetable to what is normal in real life or you can leave it alone, which is what I did.

University Empire Tycoon How to Fire Professor?

Click on the Einstein-looking logo on the bottom right of your screen then select “Staff”. If the professor is assigned to a class you need to “Unassign” him/her first. After unassigning the professor, back out of the Hire/Staff settings then head back in to “Staff”. Click on the professor(s) you want to get rid of then click “FIRE”. The “Not Assigned” professors can be fired and will be located above “Assigned”.

University Empire Tycoon How to Assign?

After you hire your professor, click on the classroom building you want to place him/her. Then click on the classroom. You will see the “Professor” tab. Click on that and choose your professor.

We have covered the most important topics and questions for University Empire Tycoon that will lock in your success. If you have any questions or if you would like me to cover something that is missing, please let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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