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We are going to be breaking down the Madden 21 SAR method and how things have changed with our Madden 21 trade glitch since the latest Madden update.  There are some extremely good players that you can get with using our SAR method. EA wants to get rid of the SAR which is understandable. Another great thing about the SAR is that you do not need to use it as much as you used to because every player is tradable thanks to our “How to Trade for Anyone in Madden 21″ YouTube. If you have not seen that you will want to make sure you check it out after this. This works great with our practice Squad Signing Method to get you elite players that will sign a 7-year deal for $3.85 million. This can also get you unlimited draft picks as well if you use it correctly.

Requirements needed for the SAR to work:

Many already know this but I will cover it again. You must trade the 3 players for a draft pick, not a player. The SAR will not work for any injured players because the CPU will not release an injured player. Make sure you are in the regular season, the team needs to be at a 53/53 man roster for this to work. We do not have any roster setting protections on either. The SAR works the easiest on 2ns stringers, it can be used for 1st stringers but it is more work than needed due to our trading content that allows you to trade for anyone. Lastly, it can not be done to another user’s team nor should it, respect individual league rules.

What Position Does This Work For?

This works for all positions it just works best for backups. You can also use the SAT to put players at 2nd string at then do the SAR. You will have to be smart with how you do it though, consider the dev trait, age, and overall. The CPU needs to recognize the player you are trading them as the key starter in order to release the 2nd string player that you are after.

SAR in Action:
We simulated to the regular season in order to get them to a 53/53 man roster. If you want to make trades before this time in the preseason then do that first then simulate to the regular season. Now that I am in the regular season I am going to start wave trading 3 players of the same position that I am trying to get. Make sure that the player you are trying to get is in a position that works easily with the SAR.

List of Players That you Can do the SAR With:

For any position, the SAR is doable if you use the right players however, it may be less of a hassle to just trade for a high overall player you really want. This List is of the players we feel are worth it to do it for and there are some dogs on this list. This list will be completed soon!

QBs – Any QB who is a backup and is valued less than the QB in front of him. For example, let’s say that Tom Brady is in front of Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson is a lower overall but still more valuable because he has a high overall and is young. If we were to do the SAR for him they would release Brady over Jackson. Overalls, Rookies, or just developments alone are not the determining factor. It is all of them combined which is pretty cool. The CPU will still make mistakes though and that is to be expected. It is hard for them to stop this technique.

All you need is a point-man and two fillers for the SAR to work. A point-man can be a 64 overall or higher and two lower overalls. If one point-man doesn’t work, try a different one with a slightly higher overall. If you have to do the SAR to get a point-man that will work like Jordan Love.

HBs – Many HBs can be picked up through the SAR the only rule is the HB has to be a 2nd string HB. We will give an example down below of just a few of the guys you can do this with. Follow the same process of wave trading 3 of the same position so obviously, that would be 3 HBs that you got off the free agency, or had on your team already.

FBs – Fullbacks are too easy to trade so there is no need to do the SAR.

WRs – It works for most 4th string WRs. Some exceptions may include good rookies with a high dev trait. Some Examples below. WRs are not as hard as they used to be though so do not worry too much.

TEs – It works for most 2nd string TEs and there is a lot of good backup TEs that you can get. Examples below.

All Offensive Lineman – It works for most backup linemen.

All Defensive Lineman – It works for most backup linemen. There are more good backup DTs than there are defensive ends so you can do it for DTs and move them to LE or RE.

LOLBs – It works for most backup LOLBs.

MLBs – It works for most backup MLBs. You can get amazing MLBs that will be the best in the league if you upgrade them properly in the right system. These MLBs can also play other linebacker positions and will likely increase in overall.

ROLBs – It works for most backup ROLBs. It might be wiser to do the SAR for an MLB than move him to ROLB.

CBs – It works for almost all 4th string CBs. Instead of trying to get a specific corner try and clear a team out of  2 decent young CBs. They will swap you 3 CBs for your 3 horrible CBs. CBs are not as hard as they used to be so the SAR is not a deal-breaker. You could also do it for FSs or SSs and move them to CB.

FS – It works for most 2nd string FSs.

SS –  It works for most 2nd string SSs.

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