Used Car Dealer Tycoon Tips, Tricks, And Cheats That Will Turn You PRO!

April 29, 2021
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We are going to show you how to become a pro quickly in Used Care Dealer Tycoon without watching ads every 30 seconds.

1. T4G Quick Review:

  • Is Used Car Dealer Tycoon pay-to-win? Not in the sense of you having to pay money. However, you will have to watch ads in order to earn massive rewards.
  • Are the ads too overwhelming? Definitely not. Like most idle games you are in charge of how many ads you watch. The ads in idle games usually have rewards attached to them.
  • Is Used Car Tycoon Tedious? Yes, Used Car dealer Tycoon is tedious. However, if you enjoy idle games then it won’t be a problem for you.
  • How well will Used Car Dealer Tycoon perform on my device? For most devices, you will be ok. The bigger you get your dealership the more the game will slow down.
  • What is the recommended screen size? A larger screen will make the game more enjoyable but we would not call a smaller screen a deal-breaker.
  • Are there in-app purchases and are they worth it? No. We will show you how to be successful without making in-app purchases. If you would like to support their company then in-app purchases would be a good start.
  • Can you play Used Car Dealer offline? Yes, you can. However, you will not get some of the massive rewards that far outweigh the time it takes to watch an ad.

Overall, Dragonflyentertainment created a very enjoyable idle game experience. They were creative with how they allowed you to pick and choose what ads you wanted to watch for which rewards. Out of all the idle games that I have played I was not annoyed to watch ads which is very new to me. Writing content for games can get irritating when you spend half your time watching ads, so I thank them for trying to be creative with it.

They also went a step further than most by allowing the gamer to get involved with bargaining for car prices. It didn’t last long for me because it is not profitable the further you get into the game. It would be nice if they would figure out some way to implement that same style but without losing profits. However, I admired the developer’s ideas and approach. I also enjoyed the side businesses you can own as well, it gives the game multiple layers.

If Dragonflyentertainment keeps this kind of creative flow and dedication they will be a company to watch out for. The game isn’t perfect, but if you are looking for a good idle game to play you can’t go wrong with Used Car Dealer Tycoon.

2.Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Used Car Dealer Tycoon:

The Only Way To Cheat in Used Car Dealer Tycoon: We looked for angles at which we could take advantage of the developer’s poor A.I. into making profitable mistakes for the user. We did not find much to speak of and like most idle games it really isn’t necessary to cheat in order to be successful quickly. However, one way you can cheat is by plugging your device into the charger, turning down the brightness so you don’t ruin your screen. Then sit back and let the money roll in while you are off doing something else. The richer you become the better this is to do.

Bargain but Not for Long: The first thing we want to talk about is bargaining with the Car sellers. This is only profitable to do during the beginning of the game. Eventually, bargaining with sellers will make you less money because of the time it takes to buy the cars. Cars need to be bought and sold quickly for you to get into the trillion-dollar club. A good rule for bargaining is the 3 tap rule, click the bargain button three times then buy the car. The future goal you need to have is to allow the CPU to buy cars because your production has increased to a rate that you don’t need to waste your time with it.

Upgrade and Renovate the Truck Lot to its Max Level: Upgrading the Truck Lot is the cheapest and easiest to upgrade and renovate. Renovating lots will give you double the profit, which increases each time you renovate. So even though the Truck Lot might be your cheapest lot, after renovation and upgrading it will be your most profitable. Maxing out renovations and upgrades for the Truck Lot will earn you around 1.1 billion per min. The Truck Lot is what will lead you to the promised land. After you finish maxing out the Truck Lot do the same to the Sedan Lot then keep going down the line.

Sideline Businesses Make you Bank: To find Sideline Businesses click on your dealership then click on “Sidelines”, this will give you the complete list of the businesses you can buy with in-game currency. Sideline businesses will grow in profit as your lot grows. Make sure to upgrade them using diamonds. A good strategy to have is to upgrade each one to level 3 which is easy to do. It is not necessary to purchase diamonds in order to upgrade your Sidelines either. They give you diamonds every time you rank up and there are certain ads you can watch that will gift diamonds. To get diamonds from watching ads you will want to click on the top of your screen where it shows a money sign above the car. It cost 25 diamonds for the first upgrade, 50 for the second, and 100 for the 3rd and so on and so forth.

Which Ads to Watch: The most profitable ads to watch are at the bottom of your screen, it has a play button with the word “AD” next to it. To get the large reward you have to watch 6 ads, and not only do you get the bonus money at the end you also get double earnings. The large reward increases as you increase your profits. Increase your profits before you watch all 6 ads to increase the reward money, I waited until the reward was in the 100 million range. Just make sure you aren’t wasting your time watching a bunch of ads for a small reward. Lastly, do not use 100 diamonds to renovate a lot when you can just watch a 30-second ad instead.

Make Sure to Upgrade the Right Upgrades: Stay on top of your Acquisition upgrades, which you can find in the small building in front of the VIP parking and is where you buy used cars. Upgrading your Acquisition building is a necessity. Upgrade the Buyer upgrade as much as you can within reason. Buying and selling cars quicker obviously turns into more profit over time. Cost control is another large upgrade to go after. When maxed out you will get a 50% discount on buying used cars.

Upgrading Advertising is another huge one that you should not forget about. Attraction upgrades will bring in more used car sellers to keep your lots full. Fame upgrades will bring in more car buyers which makes a big difference over time. Without these upgrades, you will be dead in the water. Stay on top of them and always be ready to upgrade them.

Save Up Before Renovating Lots: Renovating lots is exciting but don’t let that excitement put you into a bad situation. After you renovate a lot the lot goes back to the beginning. This means you start from scratch all over again and all those profits that lot was making disappear until you upgrade it again. Make sure you save up a fair amount of money to purchase the upgrades needed to bring that lot back to whole after you renovated it. Typically I would save up 10x the number the lot makes me per minute and the further you get into the game that may not even be enough.


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