WarPlane Inc. Pro Guide

August 4, 2021
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WarPlane Inc. Pro Guide

August 4, 2021
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T4G Warplane Review: 7.3/10

We will be showing you how the best way to upgrade your planes, how to make money while also providing you the best possible tips that we can offer for Warplane Inc.

1. What Upgrades you Should Buy First.

One of the biggest issues you will have as you continue throughout this game is fuel. There will be plenty of times that you simply do not have enough fuel to make it to the next checkpoint or to finish the level. It is wise to upgrade your fuel tank early on, this includes every new plane that you get as well.

Warplane Inc. Fuel Upgrades

When you have enough fuel it also allows you to evade enemy fire without worrying about running out of gas. Having enough fuel is good for not just going into a straight line which as you can already tell by doing it is a bad strategy.

The next biggest upgrade is the Engine. A plane is only as good as the engine that powers it. A weak engine will only hinder your strategy. These are the first two upgrades that you want to focus on.

Warplane Inc. Engine Upgrading

2. The Only Ad you Should Watch

The best ad to watch and the most profitable ad to watch is the ad to double profit after a mission. Most ads are around 30 seconds and double your profit so you are basically going on two missions at once which is worth it. A mission takes you more than 30 seconds unless you are really bad at going a decent distance.

Warplane Inc.Best Ad to Watch

3. Buy Bomb Upgrades Over Bullets

Warplane Inc. Ten 50 KG Bombs

Bullets can be great when you get further into the game but what you will want to upgrade first is the bombs. More bombs are also better than one big one. Planes later on in the game give you the ability to have 10 bombs which is what we recommend getting. More kills pay you more and the enemy tends to be in small groups instead of in a large group.

4. Best Planes to Get in Warplane Inc.

The obviously best planes are the very last planes that the game offers. The devs force you to buy a new plane after passing each level. However, there are also planes that you should skip entirely. Just because they force you to buy a plane does not mean that you have to use that plane or upgrade that plane. One of the planes that you should buy because you have to then skip is the Junkers Ju.88.

Best Planes to Get in Warplane Inc.

The Junkers Ju.88 is a plane that is a waste to spend money on. A plane that is good to use until you have no choice but to move up is the Petlyakov Pe-2. Using this plane to skip other planes is a good way to save a lot of money for the next plane that is worthwhile.

Warplane Inc. Petlyakov Pe-2

This plane will eventually be a waste because it does not hold enough fuel to get to complete the campaign but it is a great plane to use until you move up to the next plane. The next best plane besides the last plane is the Focke-Wulf Fw.190

Focke-Wulf Fw.190

The Focke-Wulf Fw.190 is a great plane for so many situations. It moves faster than all the other plans and is one that you should eventually upgrade to its fullest.

5. How to Make a Lot of Money in Warplane Inc.

Campaign mode is the only way to make money so even if you complete you can still return to it and choose the last level to play again. The last level is the most profitable. Make sure to watch ads after when the double amount is in the 50k.

The other thing is as well, it really shouldn’t be the goal to try and go as far as you can each time. It may sound weird when this game is about distance, however, it is also about destroying enemies. You can go halfway and destroy a fair amount of enemies and still make a lot of money.

It really isn’t the best idea to try and finish the campaign quickly either because the further you get in the campaign you can put yourself into a situation where your current plane won’t make it. The goal to success in this game is to have enough money to buy your next plane while also having money to upgrade to where it doesn’t suck.

When you unlock and buy a new plane it will be a horrible plane that travels ten yards and dies. All the upgrades as well are double when is a pain in the fat basket. Play it smart, take your time, and conserve your money for the planes that actually matter.

6. Go Kamikaze

When you run out of gas and you are going down you might as well take out as many as you can. I would rather take 3 down with me when I know I am going to die anyway.

Warplane Inc. Going Kamikaze

7. Best Armor to Upgrade First

Warplane Inc. Best Armor

The best armor to upgrade first is the bottom section of the plane. The next part is the front or back of the plane. Then to finish off the next sections. Another thing that you should consider is to look at your damage report and get an average of what armor is failing the most for you on average.


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