Water Sort Puzzle Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

June 23, 2021
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Water Sort Puzzle Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

June 23, 2021
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Water Sort Puzzle T4G Review: 6/10

Water Sort Puzzle Tips:

  1. This Game Can Be Played Offline
  2. Don’t Overthink Your Moves
  3. Remember how you Started
  4. Keep the Goal in Mind
  5. If you Can’t Complete a Level Watch an Ad for Help
  6. Remember your Back Button
  7. Walk Yourself Through Your Future Moves:

This Game Can Be Played Offline:

If you do not have service or have to put the game in airplane mode this game will still be playable. It will give you some relief from the ads because we did dock this game in our review due to how many ads you have to watch. Just keep in mind that ads are how these companies make money.

Don’t Overthink Your Moves:

Overthinking your moves is easy to do and will also easily waste your time in completing the level. Look for the obvious situation and start with that. When you are in the thick of it deep on a tough level you can be too close to the fire and feel like you tried every move possible and this is somehow the game’s fault. We all have been there before. This is likely because you are thinking too hard and complicating things. Relax and take a quick break then come back and simply it.

Remember how you Started:

Always remember what colors from what glass you started with and keep note of them. When you come across a level where you are struggling the best help you can give yourself is to remember what worked and didn’t work so you

Keep the Goal in Mind:

The goal is to always have at least one glass empty at all times as the middle man to combine colors together. If you have only 2 blocks of color in a glass and have no more empty glasses then you already failed. Keeping one glass empty is a necessity for success on hard levels. Also, don’t think about filling the empty glass rather think about combining colors. What we mean is if you have a glass with just one red color for example do not look for more red colors to put into that same glass, look for a place to put the single red color to make that glass empty again. Keep your mind thinking this way and you will be successful.

If you Can’t Complete a Level Watch an Ad for Help:

You can watch an ad for an extra glass to put colors in, which gives you a total of 3 empty glasses. This is more than enough for any level. This game isn’t hard enough for the need to add any more, you will be fine with just 3.

Remember your Back Button:

They give you 5 backups per level even if you restart the level. The back bar is something that we always use and it is the perfect amount to correct the mistake you made. If you are far in a level and are close to completing it you can take an educated risk as long as it is in that 5 backspace range. If you are getting close to going past the 5 moves and it isn’t looking like a sure thing it might be wise to back out and try a different approach.

Walk Yourself Through Your Future Moves:

This is the same concept that chess players use and that is to tell yourself, “If I go here then what is next?” Walk yourself through future moves in your head will allow you to play the game out before you even play the game. Before each move think about what your next step will be. This thinking will help you with many other strategy games as well.


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