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What Madden 19 Needs

No More Cookie-Cutter Crap:

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Please for all things holy EA (Electronic Arts), do not do what you normally do and make the same cookie-cutter Madden you do almost every year. The big thing in Madden 18 was the campaign mode, which was a giant bust…it was a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf. Now, I love Madden and have been playing it for many years and have been very successful at it. However, I have been getting more bored with the game as each new year comes out.

They are not doing the basics that could make everyone truly love it. They do some great things as well, such as their MUT mode which is always a fan favorite. We will give them kudos for that because it truly was a great idea and has paid off for them.

Franchise Mode:

However, let’s talk a little about franchise mode which many people like and will get the newest addition every year just to play it. When was the last time they added something in franchise mode that was truly great? Every year it has been a cookie-cutter franchise mode. They tweak some things here and there but you are basically playing the same thing. Sometimes they will add something cool then take it away like actually getting drafted in a player mode instead of drafting yourself.

Franchise mode could be so much more if they actually paid attention to real life. Drafting in real life is absolutely huge and the fans eat it up. People get excited to see teams draft who they don’t even care about, that’s how big it is. How does Madden have it? They have in-game tweets that are redundant with a boring scouting option, and the draft itself has no hype. You enter in the draft then you leave, and that about wraps it up.

Player Mode:

In player mode, you can’t even get drafted. Instead, you pick when your player gets drafted based upon one of the three options you can pick: first rounder, late rounder, or undrafted, then you pick your favorite team. There is no competition with getting drafted. Anyone can get drafted in whatever round they want to with whatever team they want. I am not saying they should cut those options out completely, I am just saying to add a realistic part for those of us that actually want to have fun.

Allow us to do some drills or play some games to see how skilled we are that will determine where we get drafted. Also, don’t make it to where we only have one option to get drafted by a team, which is us picking that team. For BLEEP sake’s the whole fun of the draft is the suspense of getting picked by a random team. A team that clawed it’s way up to you by trading up because they think you are their main beefcake.

This is Personal:

Let’s say I get drafted in the 1st round with the 1st pick by a team I don’t care about in real life and they traded up to get me because they believe I will take them to the promise land. You can bet your bottom dollar I would feel more of a connection to that team and look to smack down any team that steps on the field.

Allow us to hear from the fans when we get drafted and see them argue with other fans that we are the best or something like this. Allow us to truly miss a team if we asked to be traded for money or if we were traded against our will. There is no true connection between a team and us.

Also, allow us to be more connected with our players when we are a coach as well as get offered higher paying jobs from teams that really want us because we are smacking the league around. Put outside events into place like one of our player’s loved one dies and we have to make decisions on if they should Brett Favre it or if they should miss the game.

Wrapping it Up:

The issue is not a lack of content for Madden to choose from, it’s a lack of understanding or caring. We will probably see the same cookie-cutter crap we always do and will have to live with it because Madden has no competition.

What kind of ideas or things that are on your wishlist for Madden 19? Create a topic and blow up our forum here: Madden NFL 19 Wishlist/Ideas. We would love your feedback!

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