What you Didn’t Know About Your Staff in Madden 22

March 1, 2022
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What you Didn’t Know About Your Staff in Madden 22

March 1, 2022
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We are going to be breaking down what most people do not know that they could do with their staff in Madden 22 Franchise mode. After this video, you will know everything there is to know to make sure your coaching staff is the most elite staff in Madden.

Video Tutorial:

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

1. There is Never a Reason to Fire Your Head Coach Over Schemes and Playbooks Alone

This one is mainly for There is no good reason to fire your head coach even if your team is doing bad because of his schemes. No matter if you are a league commissioner or not you can change your coach’s schemes.

This should also apply when you are in the hiring process of a head coach as well. Just because the head coach may run a certain playbook with a certain scheme does not mean that it cannot be changed.

To change a coach’s scheme all you need to do is click on “Manage Staff” then “Team Schemes”, forms there you can change his playbooks and schemes.

A lot of Madden players will fire their head coach over schemes and that is silly and a waste.

If you are firing a head coach to do the Staff Points glitch as we showed in our Staff Points Glitch video or article just to hire him again then that is a different story. Which is actually our number 2 on the list.

2. You are Able to Cheat Staff Points in Madden 22.

We are not going to jump into this one due to us already having a video and article on this topic.

(Video will be down below).

3.Your Head Coaches Talent Tree can be Reset in Owner Mode.

If you are not in owner mode then you will want to make sure that you are filling out your Talent Tree correctly the first time. We have a video and article on it. Master the Coaching Tree in Madden 22.

The easy way to do this is to fire him as your head coach, then hire him as one of your coordinators, fire him again, then hire him as your head coach. This will waste all the points previously spent on him though so make sure that the coach is someone that you really like or it is a new coach that has very few upgrades already.

4. Not Upgrading Your Head Coaches Talent Tree First is Killing Your Gains.

Upgrading your head coaches Talent Tree first is the smartest option. Players will earn more XP from the “Player Growth” tree and that extra XP adds up to a lot over the years.

XP in turn makes players better, better players mean a better team, better team means Super Bowl rings.

On the Staff Modification Tree, you do not need to upgrade everything fully in order to get to the best upgrade of them all which is the “After School Tutoring” upgrade. Many players will go down the line and upgrade everything fully one after one because their OCD kicked in.

Get to the bacon and gravy which is the “After School Tutoring” quicker by just upgrading things 1 time than moving on. Don’t worry, the upgrades are not going anywhere and you can come back and fully upgrade them.

Fully upgraded it can add 3 extra players to weekly training and that can help your franchise out a lot. These players will grow much faster and you will double the production of how many players you can give this benefit to.

A lot of Madden players will try to do a balanced strategy where each coach gets a slight piece of the pie and that isn’t going to do anyone any justice compared to maximizing your general.

5. There is Zero Reason to NOT Have the Right Coordinators for the Job (Coach Mode).

The Offensive and Defensive coordinator can and should be fired if they do not fit your head coach’s schemes while in Coach Mode. Owner Mode gives you a lot more customization which we will go over next.

The scheme is more important than the playbook the coordinator runs. The playbooks can be considered 2nd when looking for a coordinator if there is none that fit your schemes.

If you run a certain playbook then you can look for a coordinator that runs the same playbook if you cannot find a coordinator that fits your schemes.

Some schemes for Offensive coordinators are not as easy to find such as Pistol, Air Raid, West Coast Spread, and Spread. The easiest ones are the Multiple Power Run, Multiple Zone Run, West Coast Power Run, Vertical Zone Run, and Power Zone Run.

This is tip is only for Coach mode because you do not have the ability to change a coordinator’s playbook or scheme in coach-mode.

6. Not Changing Your Coordinators Playbooks and Schemes Before Hiring Them in (Owner Mode).

If you are playing in owner mode you can change the offensive or defensive coordinators’ schemes. What you need to do is find the coordinator that you want before hiring them.

Once you find the one you want you will have to fire your head coach, do not worry you can get him back. After you fire your head coach you will need to hire the coordinator that you want for the coordinator as your new head coach.

From there you can go into the “Manage Staff” tab, click on “Team Schemes”, change his playbooks and schemes then fire him, and then hire him as your coordinator. You are welcome.

7. Not Taking Advantage of Coordinators with Several Upgrades Already When you First Start.

When you are first doing your rebuild you can go for the coordinators with the most upgrades in their Talent Tree. They will give you more of a bonus early on in your franchise while you save up your Staff Points to use on the coordinator you actually want.

This process can take a few years in Madden terms. You can reset a coordinator’s schemes

8. If you are User-Playing Than Schemes do not Matter, Talent Tree Upgrades Do.

When you are a user playing you should be focusing on the motto “what can you give me now?”. User playing is a different beast and needs to be thought of as such. I would rather have “Boost run Block Power for offensive linemen by 3” over nothing at all.

There is no reason you should skip out on the opportunity to get boosts for your players because you want to work on making a certain coach good. You can turn Jimmy the garbage man good when you have 200 staff points sitting in your bank account ready for you to make it rain.

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