Who is the True #1 College Football Team in the NCAA in 2021?

October 13, 2021
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Who is the True #1 College Football Team in the NCAA in 2021?

October 13, 2021
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Alabama was ranked #1 for most of the year even though many believed that Georgia was the true #1 ranked team because it was obvious how dominating they were throughout the year thus far. The teams that did play Georgia have not been super dominant but either way, the Bulldogs have been running through them with ease.

Georgia Bulldogs

In week 1 they played Clemson and beat them 10 to 3 which was much more impressive at the time because Clemson was projected to be a much better team than what we currently know about the struggling football program. Clemson is not currently ranked and will likely struggle to stay in the top 25 if they do get into the top 25 in the future.

Since then Georgia has not really played any team that is too dangerous besides maybe Arkansas who is showing to be a decent team this year. Georgia didn’t struggle even the slightest, they handled them with ease beating them 37 to 0.

Their next upcoming games that could possibly show off Georgia’s true talent could be Kentucky, Florida who almost beat Bama, and maybe Tennessee if they can continue scoring as many points as they have been in recent games.

Kentucky had tight games against Missouri and the University of Tennesse. Both of those teams are less than impressive and make it hard to believe they are the real deal. However, since then they have beat Florida who almost beat Bama and they handled LSU.

This is not that impressive because LSU is not ranked this year and that is for a reason. This is not the same LSU that we are all used to under Joe Burrow and Ja’Mar Chase who left to go play for the Bengals. So let’s not let the power behind LSUs name cloud our judgment of who they really are this year.

Florida on the other hand is a wild card that is hard to gauge as an elite football program at this moment. Yes, they almost beat Bama but now that Bama lost to Texas A&M who was unranked it kind of muddy’s the water of how talented they actually are.

The Florida Georgia matchup will be the most interesting to watch in order for us to truly understand the true potential of either Florida or Georgia. If Georgia runs through them like taco Tuesday’s then we will have a much better understanding of both programs.

Tennessee has been impressive as of late only due to how many points they are scoring. One thing we know about Tennessee is that they have not been very good since the Peyton Manning days. Scoring a lot of points on South Carolina and Missouri are great and dandy but are expected out of any decent college football program.

Their next serious opponents are #13 Ole Miss and #5 Alabama. If they can show hold their own against those two programs then they are either that good or the other two programs are ranked higher than they actually should be. Which is debatable either way.

Georgia has a nasty defense that is extremely fast and really tough to score on. The only current defense that is more intense would be #2 Iowa’s defense who currently sits at 20 takeaways on the season. However, the two are likely much closer in talent than the numbers suggest.

Georgia is not a super young team like Bama and Ohio State are due to how many players these programs lost in the 2021 draft. Which gives Georgia the advantage in that category. Surely Nick Sabin and Ryan Day have already game planned for this and have been trying to make things easy on their young players.

On paper, it is Georgia’s year to dominate before Bama and Ohio State catch up with the insane recruiting classes they have had over the years. Georgia will not drop off because they are one of the top teams in recruiting as well almost every year but as it sits, they have the vets, and the talent to punch a lot of talented schools in the mouth including Bama.

#5 Alabama

Alabama is a young team that had to reload after losing so many players in the 2021 NFL draft. They came into the season looking extremely solid and took it to Miami in week 1.

Many believed that Bama didn’t lose a step after squashing #14 ranked Miami but after time we all realized that Miami was ranked way higher than they should have been ranked. Miami is not even ranked in the top 25 currently so giving Bama too much credit for this win was premature at the time.

In week 2 they beat the snot out of the Mercer Bears which I had no idea even existed as a football program until Bama played them. In week 3 they almost lost to the Florida Gators who as we know now are a wild card. We really do not know what to expect out of them.

Florida beat Tennesse easily but Tennesee didn’t start playing good football until recent weeks and it was against decent teams. Florida did lose against Kentucky which makes us wonder if Kentucky is really that good or is Florida and Bama not as good as we think.

Bama did have a good look against Ole Miss who is currently ranked #13 and did just recently beat Arkansas 52 to 51. However, Arkansas and Ole Miss need to prove that they can continue beating solid teams for us to truly crown them elite programs as they have not had history on their side. Both programs have struggled for a while.

If Kentucky stands a chance against Georgia then we will be able to gauge Florida and Bama’s talents a little bit better. Aside from a select few teams Alabama does not really have a tough schedule ahead of them and should win out if they are truly as dominant as what we are used to.

If Alabama and Georgia win out they will face each other for the SEC championship and if Bama loses they will likely see their playoff hopes disappear if Oklahoma, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Penn State, or some other variation of teams win out.

At this moment it is hard to see Alabama beat Georgia. Obviously, Bama is super talented and can beat any team on any given football day, however, Georgia is almost as strong as we have ever seen the program. Georgia as it sits is the true #1 team.

If they lose to Bama in the SEC championship (If things play out that way) then they will likely still be in the playoffs and get a second chance to take the crown. Either way, Georgia is a scary team to face regardless of the power of any top football program.


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