Why I Wouldn’t Draft Dwayne Haskins in the First Round

Dwayne Haskins second day of rookie camp

"With the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select...Dwayne Haskins". The Fans began to cheer with joy and many felt amazed that he fell to the 15th spot. Many laughed at the Giants and praised the Redskins. Football is so popular that the QB vortex consumes everyone every year. With so many QB's "poised for greatness" and drafted to be the next "franchise" QB, it makes you wonder why so many of these amazing QB's don't pan out in the NFL. The ownership, coaching staff, fans, and QB's themselves all have a part to play in the downfall of so many supposedly great QB's.

The problem that most teams and fans face when drafting is The Hype of these athletes. The Hype turns crappy QBs into good, good into great, great into destructionist gods that will rule the lands even after the Sun consumes the earth. People begin to sound like broken records, from the fan level to the pro level. "Great Arm Strength" or "lack of NFL arm strength" and so on and so forth. One listens to some guy on YouTube, some guy on ESPN, then tells some guy what he heard and they all shout it until they can't breath. These QB's will be praised as if they are already Hall of Famers.

The only problem with The Hype is that it tends to be wrong. More QBs get drafted high and tend to not pan out more then they do. It's QB warfare and as long as the sport is alive it will never end. After all The Hype, I decided to heavily scout Dwayne Haskins myself and really break down what I witnessed during his only starting season at Ohio State.

It was an easy task scouting Haskins due to me watching every game of his last and only starting season at Ohio State live. I remember the feeling I had as I watched him play game after game. It was a feeling of unease, with a mixture of dubiousness and amazement. I wanted him to succeed more than the next guy and wanted to see Ohio State in the playoffs. However, it was a dream and I understood it was only a dream.

He played very well at times and not so much at others. I had no idea if he was going to throw for a million yards in a game with 60 TD's in a quarter or lose his cool to a team that had no business competing against Ohio State. Some Fans will say it wasn't his fault, it was the play calls. Others act like he never had any problems. The problem with that is the film does not lie no matter how tightly you close your eyes.

I know he could have a future in the NFL but many QBs have that same potential. He has phenomenal arm strength, reads the defense well, and could even use his legs to get him a first down, even though it looks painfully slow. For his first and only year starting he looked like he was a decently great QB. This is why I say he has the ability to be truly great in the NFL. The potential factor he definitely has with flying colors.

He was drafted on potential and only that. He was on a team surrounded by NFL talent, threw for a lot of yards, and still struggled in ways he should not have. This led me to wonder if the risk was worth the reward. If he threw for all those yards, touchdowns, got to the playoffs, and made a run for the championship, then the risk would be easier for me to jump on board with. As his season progressed I began to lose confidence in his ability to stay consistent. His stats were fantastic but if stats were the biggest sign of being elite at the pro level then Geno Smith and many other QBs would be a shoo-in for success in the NFL.

His feet need work and he has great arm strength but what worries me most about him is not his attributes. Instead, it is the inconsistency of performing at a high-level game in and game out. He will not have the overwhelming odds of superior talent around him over the other teams in the NFL as he did at Ohio State. The NFL isn't as outmatched from team to team as he experienced in college. He will have to rely on being better than the opposing defense and will face times where his team is the underdog talent wise.

This is what makes me second guess if he will dominate the way everyone says he will. At Ohio State, they could afford to keep Haskins benched for J.T. Barrett because they knew they could still succeed with Barrett by surrounding him with stacked talent. Many of Ohio State's QBs get drafted and almost all of them fail in the NFL. They look good enough to be drafted but never pan out after Draft day. They confuse scouts whenever one of their QBs are available for the draft. Partly because everyone is so stuck on stats instead of variables of talent.

It's hard to be good on a bad team and easy to be good on a great team. I hope for Dwayne Haskins that the Redskins do everything they need to do to make him successful. He will need a lot of talent around him and a lot of certain talent for him to excel.

Haskins, you have what it takes to explode as a franchise QB. Take everything with a grain of salt and push away the pressure to be perfect. If you slip up the first few years they will try and say you are a bust and turn on you as fast as they praised you, if this happens, remember to keep your confidence high and throw for the sky! I hope for you to be dominate in the NFL and I'm pulling for you to do great things!


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