Why Madden NFL Ratings Should Not Be Taken Seriously

July 31, 2020
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Why Madden NFL Ratings Should Not Be Taken Seriously

July 31, 2020
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It is the time of year where everyone gets up in arms about their favorite player’s ratings. No one is ever happy. You’ll hear comments like “how do you give this guy this rating but not this other guy”? Even NFL players become disgusted with how Madden rated them. No one is ever happy except for a select few. Ratings in Madden are extremely subjective. They always have been and more than likely will always be subjective.

Does Madden’s rating have to be subjective though? To answer this question we must first ask the question, how do these players get ranked the way they do in the first place? Madden does not say why they came up with the rating that they did. We do not know the system they go off of. It can’t be stats, nor 40 times or even in-game speed because there are too many errors if they do. Their rating system seems to be so secret it’s almost as if there is a hidden agenda behind the curtain. It would be the same as us creating a review on a game but never explained to you or the gaming company why we came to the conclusion that we came to. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t make a lot of sense…or does it?

Madden updates the roster at the end of each Madden, then updates it again before the next one comes out. The player’s ratings should not be changed until games have actually been played. How does Madden know that a player’s ratings should be increased or decreased if said player hasn’t even played yet? If you are confused by this you are not alone. It is hard to take them seriously when Madden itself does not take their ratings seriously.

Madden Ratings History Comparison

Has Madden always been this way? In previous Maddens, for example, speed ratings for players used to be much easier to find across the board. Now even the fastest of guys with obvious evidence of their speed gets very low-speed ratings. WRs are the favorite for speed, all other positions get a cut in that department regardless of performance. This is why we suggest in franchise mode to put WRs as HB. This is obvious proof that this rating “system” of their’s changes a lot for a sport that never changes except for a few rule changes here and there.

Madden has also changed when it comes to MUT. It used to be much easier in previous years to get a higher overall team by buying gold cards off the auction. Gamers did not have to spend tons of real money in order to compete at a high level. Now you have to either spend a massive amount of time playing or pull out your wallet in order to be competitive. Is it becoming obvious as to why they are making these changes yet? Why aren’t they selling Madden wallet merch?

Show me the Money

Money, Money, Money. The reason they changed MUT the way they did is the same reason they do rating updates for no damn reason even though no games have been played. If they make getting a higher overall team harder it will encourage more gamer’s to pull out their wallets (or their mom’s wallets, we don’t discriminate) to beef up their team. If they do player rating updates before the release of the new Madden it encourages gamer’s to buy their new game.

Nothing is wrong with marketing, we live in a capitalist country that promotes business growth of all sizes. It is why we are as powerful as we are. However, I have an issue with the way in which they sell their game. Madden used to market their games based upon new game modes or updating previous modes. Franchise mode used to mean something and now it has been left alone for years and even went back in time. It like other modes is the “forgotten mode”. If your game was worth a damn you wouldn’t have to market nonlogical player rating updates as a selling piece of your product.

Free Market

Having no competition is the biggest issue that gamers end up getting screwed on. They have a dictatorship over the NFL license and when there is no competition a company can get lazy. If you don’t like the prices/service at one store you can go to another for a better deal/service. There is no free market in the NFL gaming industry and no knock-off football game will stand a chance in the long run if you can’t sport NFL players and logos. Without that, it won’t bring in YouTuber’s and or websites, which will crush the free marketing you get from these platforms. All we can do is complain but they do not have to listen.

Until we get a free market we will have to settle for roster updates as the reason we spend hundreds of dollars every year.


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