Wild Castle TD: How to Gain Money Fast: Best Hero’s to Have

June 14, 2021
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Wild Castle TD: Review


Wild Caslte provides a great gaming experience without the devs trying to shove ads down your throat



How to Cheat in Wild Castle TD: The best and easiest way to cheat is to understand what the game is in its nature, which is an idle type of game. With Idle games you get rewarded for being on the game, that does not mean actually playing the game. Financial rewards will be provided if you just have the game on. 

For example, you can upgrade your town’s Gold Mine then keep the game on in the background it will allow you to keep collecting money even when you are not playing. To protect your device from potential damage make sure your screen brightness is turned down so it does not burn into your screen. 

Another thing you can do is to download BlueStacks, download Wild Castle, then link your accounts so that way you can play on the same profile either on your computer or mobile device. Then leave BlueStacks running in the background with Wild Castle playing and collect rewards while you are out at work or around the town. When you come back you may have millions and millions of dollars waiting for you.

Best Heroes to have in Wild Castle TD:These are our recommendations of the best Heroes to have in Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense 2021.

Valkyrie – Freya: Valkyrie is a great hero to have but she only becomes a great hero when you get her upgraded to Freya, which is at level 31. When you have Freya the 4 that are summoned have wings and can attack both air and ground units. Freya is one of the heroes that we constantly send out and she was one of our top damage producers after each level.
Lancer – Poison Lancer: The Lancer is a cheap hero that when upgraded turns into a deadly opposition for the enemy. What makes the lancer more deadly than some of the other heroes is that they can fight on the ground while also throwing spears. They are a two-factor attack unit that is decently cheap in Mana for the amount of damage they provide during each wave.


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