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World of Tanks Review:

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World of Tanks (WoT) is a free game at the game store that is all about tank warfare. It is a multiplayer game that also has a single player campaign mode called War Stories. You can choose between a variety of different tanks and upgrade them along with their crews. It is a 20 year game that can be played forever.


WoT has very strategic gameplay compared to most other warfare games. Although it starts out slow, if you keep playing you will become addicted. It is one of the only games that can, and more than likely will, take the average gamer to get a lot of tier X tanks. This game almost grows with you through the years.


There really isn’t a large variety of game modes. Wargaming seems to focus more on making new maps instead of new game modes when the sky’s the limit with this game. This happens with games that really don’t have any true competition. The game is great but their creativity doesn’t always seem to be on focus. They could do game modes like transporting goods to where you have to protect a convoy, or a part of your team has to hold an area in the map and wait for reinforcements to arrive. The possibilities are endless with tank warfare.


WoT is a must play for any gamer that likes strategy warfare. You will truly enjoy this game for many years to come!


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