make silver
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Make Silver the Best Way:

Understanding how to make silver is key for success. However, one of the hardest things in World of Tanks is to always have silver available. If you’re just starting or are a veteran of the game you will come across this problem many times. We have a way to help you earn silver without having to spend real money at the store.

Our recommendation is to have at least two tier V tanks that we categorize as money tanks.

These Tier V money tanks will help with future tank upgrades, buying new tanks, and purchasing some of your favorite equipment. Also, having these tanks handy will help when unlocking a high tier so that you don’t have to sell tanks to afford them. The reason we recommend at least two is because when one gets destroyed in battle you can head to the garage and play with another money tank racking up more silver.

Nevertheless, we want to point out that these do not have to be premium tanks. Tier V tanks will, on average, make you the most amount of silver out of any tier. The key to earning silver is causing damage to enemy tanks in a match – the more damage you cause, the more silver you get. Tier V’s are cheap and less expensive to repair than higher tier tanks, yet they can dish out a lot of damage.

Your goal is to make, on average, 20,000 silver per match with these tanks. Each tank can make 60,000+ silver on great matches without premium.

Tanks that will Make you the Most Amount of Silver (Money Tanks):

The colored tanks are links to the tank review.

  • O-I Exp.: It costs 445,000 silver. Get the O-I Exp. Kai upgrade. This tank makes the most amount of silver.
  • KV-1: It costs 390,000 silver. Get the KV-11 upgrade.
  • KV-1S: It costs 410,000 silver. Get the KV-1S-85M upgrade. This tank can be an alternative to the KV-1 or O-I Exp. if you would prefer a little more speed over armor.
  • Churchill 1: It costs 340,000 silver. Get the Churchill Mk V upgrade.
  • BDR G1 B: It costs 400,000 silver. Get the BDR G1 R (90) upgrade.
  • Bogatyr KV-220-2 (Premium Tank): No upgrade available.

For each of our recommended tier V money tanks you should get the following consumables in supplies:

  • Small repair kit
  • Small first aid kit
  • Manual fire extinguisher