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Worlds Adrift Review:

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We played over 180 hours of Worlds Adrift before this review.

Question: Did Worlds Adrift win a T4G Diamond Award?
Answer: Yes, Worlds Adrift won our T4G Diamond Award. Worlds Adrift is an indie game and Bossa Studios did an amazing job on Worlds Adrift. Keep in mind that this game is in Early Access and does need some work just like most new games do. However, we have trust that Bossa Studios will strive to make this game as perfect as anyone can; it has already come a long way! They really take pride in Worlds Adrift and it shows.

Question: How are the graphics?
Answer: The graphics at first are not amazing, but they grow on you over time. Nonetheless, it is unique and a bit cartoonish but Worlds Adrift has a vast amount of beauty and contrast to the different islands within the Biomes. They will more than likely get better as they continue to work on Worlds Adrift.

Question: How is the music?
Answer:  Let’s face it, a game soundtrack makes or breaks the game, and the same goes for movies. With that being said, the music is great and has a lot of emotion behind it. There are songs dedicated to different Biomes and storm walls. The music made us feel as if we were the stars of a movie going through a storm wall, dangling from the ship on our grapple repairing our ship with only a second to spare. Is that Cliché? We don’t care, we’re movie stars. The heroes of Worlds Adrift. Furthermore, it fits the style of this game and is not over the top. The music is so good you almost wish some of the songs lasted longer or transitioned quicker between songs. However, listening to the music over listening out for possible pirate engines coming to take your loot may not be the best decision. Also, the pausing between songs gives you the opportunity to listen to the nature around you, which is beautiful.

Question: How long will I play?
Answer: More than likely a very long time. This game is highly addictive and you will always come back to it so you can keep upgrading your schematics, visiting new Biomes, finding all of the knowledge, exploring deadly mazes, conquering every storm, meeting and crewing up with other people, etc.

Question: What can I expect?
Answer: There is a lot to this indie game with an abundant amount of things you can expect in this sandbox MMO physics-based game. It is truly a massive open-world game you can travel through freely if you have the schematics, that is. Moreover, there are a lot of untrustworthy pirates trying to take your loot. All pirates are untrustworthy, and there is no honor amongst thieves. What we mean by untrustworthy is whether or not they will spare your ship after you have surrendered (if you’re into surrendering) and stole your best loot. Also, do not expect a grace period or any safety zones in order to grow when first starting out, so try and team up with other players and/or play the game with at least one friend.

Just a heads up for the newbies, be aware of “seal clubbing. Any Tier 4 (top-tier) pirate can come into a Tier 1 world and “seal club” newbies, which is one area this game needs work. It can be very irritating as well as intimidating for new players, which may drive some away. Bossa Studios has talked about this very issue in their blog and will address those “seal clubbing” issues in the future. You can read about it here: PvP vs Griefing: What’s a Fair Fight?

You can also expect to run into very nice people. These people will help you out with any schematics you do not have, such as Atlas Core, engine, or wing upgrades. The first person who changed our gaming experience was Borag with the Wayfarers group. Borag gave us Tier 4 wings, a compass, fuel gauge, and an Artificial Horizon in the assembly station – a station where you craft ship parts. Borag also gave us an actual schematic upgrade for our Atlas Core (what lifts the ship and adds weight capacity) to learn. It was because of Borag we destroyed and drove pirates and griefers away from us. After we parted ways we ended up running into each other in different Biomes where we could return the favor.

Additionally, there is the physics aspect. Each Biome is filled with materials, such as gas, wood, and metals. All metals have a use with different qualities for each biome (rating 1-10). The higher the quality metal, the better your ship and ship parts will perform. Certain metals do better than others for certain ship parts, frame, and decks. The positioning of the wings helps your ship turn or pitch and with the right materials, it increases this factor. The shape of your ship along with the type of metal and/or wood you choose will make the ship more aerodynamic and elusive or it will have the opposite effect.

As you can see there is a lot to Worlds Adrift. You will not have the same experience as us nor will you have the same type of ship. Each game will be different for each person, and you might run into more or fewer pirates, become pirates or griefers, or meet great people more often than not. The opportunities you have to unleash your creative side is great and exciting!

Our Rant:

Be as creative as you want when building your ships. This is where the game truly excels. You can save the designs to your scout ship and battleship. In essence, you can play the game how you want. Become a pirate, fight pirates, or just explore the beautiful nature of the game and search for knowledge.

On top of that, we met a lot of untrustworthy players and a lot of very cool players as well who have lent a helping hand. Expect some people to help you out and give you materials or ship upgrades at times.

The islands are created by the gamers, which is very wild and cool for Bossa Studios to do. You can still create your own island by downloading it for free on steam here: Worlds Adrift Island Creator. You can also read more about it from Bossa Studios here: Design and Play Your Own Floating Islands in the Sky. New islands are being added, which really adds to the beautiful nature of Worlds Adrift.

Other gamers we found and crewed up with who had very good insight into Worlds Adrift was Vloshko and Trilligan. The more people you know, the more knowledge you will gain.

This is a game we will always come back to.


Expect this game to be a lot of fun with unique experiences. Socialize, battle, defend, and/or grief in this new and refreshing concept of a game. Instead of having premade ships with little to no customization to it, you have a vast array of options on ways to build your ship. Enjoy traveling to different Biomes that are not cookie cutters by any means. We highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of Worlds Adrift as it got an 8.2 out of 10 and won our T4G Diamond Award.

Get it on Steam: Worlds Adrift

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