Xbox One Scorpio at E3

Xbox One Scorpio to be the Focus of E3

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Xbox Scorpio Expected to be the Focus of E3:

During E3 this Sunday, Microsoft is expected to fully reveal the Xbox Scorpio at its conference. The Xbox One Scorpio will be in competition with Playstation 4 Pro. However, before this year’s E3 Microsoft has been teasing this console to Xbox fans. Microsoft has been marketing the Scorpio as a very powerful console, which can run games at native 4k.

Now, in comparison to the PS4 Pro, the Scorpio is a bit beefier since the specs have been revealed. Sony, however, “Won’t be frightened of what they do” said by Playstation Global Sales and Marketing Bos, Jim Ryan. Instead, Sony is looking forward to the Scorpio reveal. Ryan’s reasoning for that statement is – when it comes to games – Sony is at an advantage.

The price of the Scorpio may be a daunting thought for many Xbox fans since it is the most powerful console Microsoft has ever made. It’s actually safe to assume that it will be the most powerful console ever made. But, unfortunately the price has not been revealed.

According to Microsoft the new Xbox Scorpio is supposed to be a true 4k console with a rumor going around that upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 will run in true 4k at 60FPS [on the Xbox Scorpio].

Moreover, Microsoft has released three new E3 teasers, which have all been combined into one video. Enjoy the following teasers: