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Zoo Tycoon Game Review

Zoo Tycoon Review:

Zoo Tycoon is all about running your own zoo along with other game modes that can be difficult and very fun. If you enjoy animals and creative thinking this game is for you.


There are many pros when talking about Zoo Tycoon. It is fun, relaxing, and allows you to grow/advance your zoo. There are many different animals to choose from along with larger and cooler exhibits. The controls are easy to get and so is the concept, so you won’t need a manual. The music isn’t breathtaking nor amazing so we will list it as a pro.

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The graphics are only decent. The map size is too small so you don’t have the ability to create very large zoo’s. Also, they could have done a little more to keep gamers involved other than making food or medicine runs, which is boring and stressful.


Overall, Zoo Tycoon is a game that many people will enjoy. If you haven’t played it and are wondering if you should the give it a shot.

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